MBi Nutraceuticals manufacturers dietary supplements and personal care products. In simpler terms, we help companies and entrepreneurs create and manufacture products that enhance the wellness of their customers. Founded in 1985, we are a family-owned business located in Lindon, Utah. We have served hundreds of clients, both domestic and international.

We enjoy solving unique manufacturing challenges and hold our customers’ products to the highest standards of quality and efficacy. We carefully test products at several points during and after production to be sure they are safe, and that they meet our clients’ specifications. Throughout the entire process, we strive to give our clients a positive experience—from planning and development to manufacturing, testing, and shipping.


MBi has flexible minimum runs and short lead times. Our specialties include skin care products, natural cosmetics, and nutraceutical supplements. Customers can choose to deliver products in vegetarian and gelatin capsules, liquids, tablets, gels, creams, and lotions in many sizes and shapes.

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