Does Your Nutraceutical Manufacturer Ensure Product Quality?

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If your company sells supplements, there is no doubt you want to make sure you’re delivering the finest quality products to your customers. There is certainly an abundance of competitors your customers can choose from in the industry, and a glowing reputation of high-quality products can set you apart from all other products on the shelf.

Consumers want to have peace of mind that their nutraceutical products have been through rigorous testing to ensure safety and effectiveness. To consumers, it makes a difference when products are created with only the finest ingredients. Of course, if all of these factors are important to the consumer, they should be important to you.

But if you use a vitamin manufacturer to produce your supplements, how can you ensure the product is up to your standards? The following key points will help you know your supplement manufacturer is up to par with their quality assurance measures.

High-Quality Raw Material Sourcing

Your customers are buying supplements because they’re looking to optimize their health. When they’re putting the product in their body, it’s of the utmost importance to make sure ingredients are sourced in the purest form.

Raw, untampered ingredients are always best. However, even if an ingredient supplier says their products are raw, your manufacturer should always test the ingredients to make sure they are true to the label. Tests should prove that there are zero contaminants in the ingredients. Without running this test, they risk compromising the health and safety of anyone who consumes the supplement. Never rely on a label to tell you what’s really in the ingredients.

Testing In Every Step

The best, most trustworthy vitamin manufacturers will conduct supplement product testing from start to finish. Tests should begin with making sure the raw materials are high quality, but the quality assurance shouldn’t stop there. Containers and packaging should be swabbed to ensure nothing has been contaminated. The supplement should also be tested and checked in each stage of the process to make sure everything is sanitary and safe for consumption. Testing should be standardized so that all products are checked using the same, reliable methods.

Seeking or Maintaining Good Manufacturing Processes

Vitamin manufacturers can ensure the quality of all supplement products by constantly analyzing their processes and making improvements as needed. Technology changes all the time, so there’s always going to be better ways to manufacture the supplement. Using manufacturing technology that is up-to-date rather than outdated machinery and methods is key to providing high-quality products for consumers.

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